VONT Visible Design

Through this website I want to show you a bit about myself
and a few pieces of my portfolio.

My Skills


Computer Skills

I prefer to work with InDesign, but I also like a challenge in Photoshop, Illustrator or Coda.


Refreshing Ideas

I love to do something different. This way you can always offer your client something unique.


Teaming Up

I'm a very social person, the more the merrier. And different opinions always come in handy with projects!


Dare to be Bold

It's important that you dare to be bold, make choices someone else wouldn't dare to make.

About Me


I'm Joyce and I study Graphic Design at Arcus college. I'm in my fourth year now and I'm really passionate about Design. In my spare time I love to bake and I volunteer at a theater.


Haven't seen enough of me or my work? Contact me!


+31 6 155 333 11